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Oral Wellness Learning (OWL)
Institute for Dentistry

OWL inspires and empowers dentists and their entire teams to be healthcare champions for their patients.
Work with OWL today to distinguish and refresh your practice and transform your team.

The OWL Experience

* Scientific insight combined with hands on training
* Class sizes limited for a personalized learning experience
* Handouts to help you easily implement the program
And so much more

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What OWL is all about

OWL offers educational sessions centred on the links between oral wellness and overall health. We now know that poor oral health is related to heart attack, stroke, diabetes and a range of other significant health concerns. At OWL we discuss the science behind these links and the practical ways you can support your patients, at every life stage, in both their oral health and their overall wellness.

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OWL Mission Statement

Our aim is to help OWL attendees to fully realize their patient care ambitions. Our approach to educating, guiding, motivating and monitoring our patients needs to be more comprehensive and awareness-based than it has been in the past.

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Experience a new paradigm in team dental education with
The OWL Advantage

  • Inspire…your team….your patients…
  • Discover whole-person-centred dentistry
  • Empower your practice to elevate patient overall health
  • Develop more inspired interactions with your patients
  • Create whole health awareness in your practice
  • Make the link between oral and systemic health

All nurturing increased patient awareness, trust and loyalty